Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The construction on Woodmont

This is getting to be a really popular block for me to blog about, The demolition of the Ritz Camera/Community Auto Repair/Washington Sport and Health building is in full swing. On Monday they were ripping out the inside of the second floor and dumping it out a window. On the Ritz side they were pulling down the third floor by hand, brick by brick.

It looks like the demolition and construction will take a while, they have closed one lane of Woodmont Avenue, Hamden Lane, and Elm Street to put up covered walkways (I guess they don't want to bop you on the head with construction debris).

As I mentioned earlier, Equinox Fitness will be moving in here with a 4 story 31,000 square foot fitness facility that includes amenities such as a full service spa, a pool, cafe/juice bar and five group exercise studios.

I went by here on Monday and took these pictures. Didn't get time to post about it until now. I also saw another post about it elsewhere.

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  1. It's about as flat as the Exxon station is now. You might swing by for more pictures.

  2. Actually, I did go by on the way to the Exxon station, there were just a few posts sticking up along the far edge. It came down faster than I expected considering how they were taking their time on the top floor.

  3. Hi Edward, thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog. I'm looking forward to reading up on what you scope out in the area.