Monday, March 9, 2009

Where did all the trees go?

A couple of weeks ago, when the missing Bethesda Circulator bench was found, the Gazette reported that they wouldn't be putting the bench back anytime soon because of upcoming construction. It looks like that construction has started. They took a chainsaw to the trees on Woodmont Ave between Hampden Lane and Elm St in Bethesda, MD. Also a spiffy new "Construction Area Do Not Enter" sign. This is the building where the Ritz Camera and the auto repair shop were.

[where: Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD]

Update March 26: JH left a comment pointing to this article that says Equinox Fitness Club will put a four-story 31,000 square foot location here. (It also says that it will be at the intersection of Elm Street and Hampden Lane, even though those streets don't intersect). Thanks for the link.


  1. I like this blog a lot as I grew up in Bethesda, went to Whitman and spent 2001-2007 working in downtown Bethesda for a CPA firm after I moved to NoVa with my wife and son

    I found a job in Reston in mid 2007as the commute was wearing me out. While I like where I live and work it doesn't have the allure and charm Bethesda has and I miss. Thanks for your recaps and pictures.

  2. Nice to have a reader. Thanks for the comment. For a while I was doing the commute from Montgomery County to Reston and it gets to be a drag in a hurry.

  3. I believe that this is where the new Equinox Fitness is going to be.