Tuesday, January 4, 2022

That's a lot of candy canes

 Christmas is over, and somehow the Giant Food at Georgetown Square ended up with a huge overstock of candy canes.  That's a lot of candy canes.  Most of them are peppermint, but there are boxes of cherry ones mixed in (and the cherry ones are very good).

Monday, January 3, 2022

Snow in the New Year

 This is the first good snow we have had in a couple of years.  It has stopped now, but it snowed overnight and throughout the morning. We got 5 or 6 inches in total.

The intersection of Old Georgetown Rd and Democracy Blvd

There aren't many people out on the roads but there are some and they are going slow to keep from slipping.

A stuck metrobus

Here is a metro bus that either broke down or got stuck in the snow on Old Georgetown Road right across from Georgetown Square shopping center.

Walter Johnson High School
The schools were all closed today, and a good thing too. The parking lot hadn't been plowed and it had been a while since someone had run a shovel over the sidewalk.