Saturday, August 15, 2015

Re-paving Bethesda Avenue

I was out walking through Bethesda this morning and saw that they are repaving Bethesda Avenue and the intersection with Norfolk Avenue.  You could turn left (east) onto Bethesda Avenue from Norfolk, but you couldn't turn right.  You also couldn't turn onto Bethesda Ave from Wisconsin Avenue.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Adams Canyon Falls, Kaysville, Utah

Adam's Canyon is about half an hour north of Salt Lake City, it is an out-and-back hike to a waterfall.  The trail is steep the whole way, the first part is up a sandy hill with switchbacks and no shade.  There are also some places near the beginning where the trail splits and it is hard to tell which way goes to the falls.  When in doubt take the trail to the right that is going up the hill.

As you start up the hill you can look over the valley at the suburbs and trees, with the salt falt and edge of the Great Salt Lake in the distance.

The area transitions to light scrub, giving occasionall shade, then later, a bit larger trees, but it never gets to what I would call a forest.  At the end of the trail is a 40 foot high waterfall.

Since the trail is so steep, it takes longer than you would expect given that it is less than 2 miles to the falls.  I started thinking I was almost there when there was still about a quarter of the hike left.

I went in late July, and the falls is pretty far up the canyon, so I wasn't expecting much water in the stream.  This year, Utah had a dry winter, but a wet spring, so my experience may not be typical.  However,  I was surprised by the amount of water flowing over the falls.

The hike was popular and I saw a lot of people on the way up.  At the falls people took a break and played in teh water.

After the long, hot hike up (it was 103 degrees the day I went) the falling water created a welcome cooling breeze.

The start of the trail is at a gravel parking lot off in the corner.