Monday, May 15, 2023

Amalyn housing development progress


It's time for another update on the Amalyn housing development in Bethesda.  This is where the WMAL radio broadcast towers used to be.  When completed there will be over 300 single family houses and townhouses in this 75 acre development. You can read all my posts on this subject.

The house in the center is nearly done and there are two houses nearby that are clad in green boards.  On the right is one that is just a foundation. This is on the east side of the development.

Three houses in a row that are all at the same state of completion on Silver Linden St. near Derbyshire Ln.

Here's a row of townhouses that are just going up. Just the first story walls are up so far. Silver Linden St on the west side of the development. Silver Linden Street is currently the longest road in the development so a lot of construction is occurring on it.

Here's a row of nearly complete townhouses and behind them are completed townhomes. Photo taken from Silver Linden St, but the houses are on Viceroy Alley.

Here's a look at where they are currently building. This is taken from near Renita Lane. There will be many more houses before they are done.

They filled the pool with water earlier this month and the pool furniture has been delivered. The clubhouse and pool are on the corner of Greyswood Rd and Bluestar Ave.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Stratton Place luxury homes


There is going to be a bit more infill development here in Bethesda, and, no surprise, it will be luxury homes. This house will be demolished and a new road, Andrus Rd, will be built perpendicular to Greentree Rd with houses on the left side of it.

From the preliminary plan (pdf link)  "proposes eight (8) new lots by subdividing the rear of seven (7) existing lots, for a total of 15 lots, on a total of 5.38 acres of land zoned R-90. Eight (8) houses will be new, six (6) will remain, and one (1) will be demolished and replaced."


 Of note, this also excludes a portion of Site Area per Adverse Possession case and including a bit of additional Right-of-Way on Barnett Rd.

These houses will be in the Burning Tree Elementary School, Pyle Middle School, and Whitman High School districts.

For a bit of perspective, here is Greentree Road. The new development is directly on the right. On the left is the Amalyn housing development, in the near-distance on the right is Barnett Road, and directly ahead you can see the chain-link fence that is on the bridge where Greentree Road goes over Interstate 495.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Construction on the C & O Canal near Great Falls

 Right now there is an ongoing construction project on the C & O Canal just north of Great Falls Tavern, I don't think they will be working weekends, but during the week there could be an impact.  I saw them working on Friday, but they were done for the day by 3:30.


They have built a gravel bridge across the canal to provide access to the towpath side, and in places, the towpath is a bit torn up from heavy equipment driving on it, but it is still easily passible.

Construction notice

More information is on a sign at the construction site: "Contractors and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are working to remove sediment from select locations along the canal in the vicinity of Great Falla, resurfacing the towpath from Lock 21-23, and removal of debrise from the canal between Lock 20-23.  During these projects, the towpath will intermittently be closed for up to 1-hour to facilitate construction access."

Also, it is gosling season. There were a number of Canada Goose families with young goslings on the canal above Great Falls.