Friday, March 27, 2009

Incident at Bethesda Metro

Twitter tells me that a metro train derailed near Bethesda Metro station (Bethesda, MD) Lots of emergency equiptment on the scene.

It closed the metro station as well as the bus bays (fire/rescue parking there), two southbound lanes of MD-355 (Wisconsin Ave) and one lane of Old Georgetown Road northbound.

WTOP reports that the last car of one train and one car of another train derailed coming into Bethesda station.

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  1. I work in Reston and went to the Caps game last night. Sometimes I drive to Vienna Metro, sometimes I drive to Bethesda Metro and park at my old office. Same drive for me either way. I heard on XM that 66 was backed up so I decided to drive to Bethesda.

    When I got there, I saw the back up on Wisconsin, a lot of fire endines and rescue vehicles. When you see a chopper hovering, something is wrong.

    I ran into a former co-worker and she briefed me (should have kept the XM traffic on I guess) that the Bethesda station was closed and I'd better think of another way to the game. Couldn't drive as the back up was lengthy. Forget about a cab to Friendship Heights too.

    Just then I saw the J-2 bus to Silver Spring arriving, so I jumped on that and went to the Metro there and got to Verizon Center in plenty of time.

    After the game, the Verizon Center Metro red line to Shady Grove was a zoo and I heard they were shuttling folks around Bethesda from Friendship Heights so I went from Verizon Center to Silver Spring and grabbed the J-2 bus back to my old office building to get my car.

    I consider myself fortunate as I'm sure thousands of folks commute was altered big time.