Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Review: Wing Hub Buffalo Speedway chicken sandwich

Wing Hub, located at 2914 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD. Their specialty is chicken wings but the also have a lot of chicken sandwiches and burgers. I went there for lunch and got the Buffalo Speedway chicken sandwich which is a crispy fried chicken fillet with lettuc tomato, mayo, bleu cheese and buffalo sauce. I also got a side of fries (or 'spuds' as they call them).

The chicken sandwich was was wrapped in paper but was still a drippy mess of wing sauce and bleu cheese dressing. Not that it is bad though, in fact, it was excellent. Very tasty, a bit crispy (the wing sauce didn't make it soggy). The sauce was a little spicy but not too spicy and the blu cheese dressing offset that nicely. In fact, it was so good I almost went back the next day for another one. I don't want to think about the calorie and fat content of the sandwich, I am sure it is loaded.

The fries were uninspired, they were thick cut, which isn't my favorite, so if you like thick cut fries, you might have a different opinion. Dipping them in the wing sauce that dripped off my sandwich did make them pretty good though.

I just looked at their website and they have a coupon for $1 off a sandwich, I don't know how long the offer is good for, but I will try it next time I go.


  1. Oh wow, I took this picture! lol.

    Wing Hub is great! Good thing Google found this picture, I was looking for it. I think I left it on my works hard drive.


    Tony Lopez

  2. Hey Tony, you didn't take this picture, I did, and google wouldn't be putting pictures in its image search that were on your hard drive and not publicly accessible.