Monday, April 20, 2009

Review: Quiznos Pesto Turkey Torpedo

Quiznos recently added a new type of sandwich to their menu, the Torpedo. Thirteen inches long and very skinny for only $4.00. I decided to try the Turkey Pesto Torpedo. Turkey, Mozzarella cheese, Basil Pesto sauce and red wine vinaigrette with diced tomato and chopped lettuce. The flavor was good, but there were a number of things wrong with it. First, there wasn't much meat on it, just a thin line of scraggly slices of turkey, less than you would get on a normal six inch sub. Second, there wasn't much in the line of toppings. The bread is really skinny and there isn't much space for them. Third, the bread didn't stay together, I had to hold it with both hands to keep it from falling apart. I think the slogan should be "You pay less because you get less" or maybe "less meat, more bread". This sandwich really is mostly bread. I'd rather spend the extra 79 cents and get the eight inch sub, or get a subway footlong for $5. (650 calories, 18g fat 29g protein, 82g carbs) You can save a hundred calories by skipping the dressing. For comparison, their regular turkey and cheddar sub (without dressing) has 69g carbs.

Another review is here.

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  1. OK, I took the bait today and tried one of these. I have seen these commercials all week and thought to myself "hmmm, that looks pretty good for 4 bucks." Talk about foolish expectations. This thing is not even 2 inches wide. REALLY. Quiznos is ok, don't get me wrong, but honestly I felt a bit cheated. I just feel the overwhelming urge to tell others not to buy in.


    -First time Blogger....