Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review: South Street Steaks cheeseteak

South Street Steaks just opened at 4856 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD. They primarily serve Philly Cheesesteaks but also have chicken cheesesteaks, Hoagies (subs), and Phillinis (a phillyized version of the panini).

I went there and got their Cheesesteak, the most authentic one. it has meat, cheese, fried onions and bread. For cheese, I choose to keep it authentic and get cheese-whiz on it. I also got a side of fries.

The cheese steak was was very good. I decided I prefer other kinds of cheese to cheese-whiz, but they offer several different kinds of cheese so I can't hold that against them. I do wish they had put the cheese-whiz on after the steak so it spread more. The steak itself was very good, thinly sliced and not over-chopped. The fried onions were excellent and really added to it without stealing the limelight.

The fries were excellent, they had a crunchy-crispy outside (I think there was some kind of starch based substance added) with a little bit of pepper. I usually eat fries with Ketchup (or vinegar) but these didn't need that, in fact, they were better without it.

Also of note, they have Diet Dr. Pepper in the soda fountain, you don't see that very often but I like it.

The restaurant is very narrow, and it took me a few seconds to figure out where to order (in fact, someone who came in after me had to ask) But it is inviting, the walls are covered with huge pictures from Philadelphia, including one from South Street.

Overall, very good, too full of fat for eating everyday, but worth the load of calories occasionally.

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