Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chevy Chase Chevyland no longer sells Chevrolets

Ok, I know it hasn't actually actually been Chevyland in a long time, prefering Chevy Chase Cars, but I have always identified this dealer with Chevy's. According to their website:
We have made the decision to replace Chevrolet with Nissan, reallocate space within our facilities and work on a plan to renovate most areas... Acura will move to the large building and renovations to the service operation will begin quickly. Nissan will take over the current Acura facility and exclusive Nissan service will be provided in the main service area of the large building. We will continue to employ Chevrolet personnel with top-notch technicians and offer outstanding service and maintenance to anyone that desires it for as long as they wish.
They are located in downtown Bethesda MD at 7725 Wisconsin Avenue. I found out about this from the Washington Post.

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  1. The service department is why they went out of business. People are buying Chevys however if your service department treats the customer poorly they will not retrn to buy a new car. The service department is not a good place to get your car fixed. The service department does not like to answer the phone, and the service area is filthy.