Monday, April 13, 2009

Gas Be Gone?

About a month ago I posted about the Exxon gas station on the corner of Wisconsin Ave (MD-355) and Montgomery Lane. At the time, I thought they were renovating it (since I saw them painting the canopy). Then they took the canopy down. Then, an anonymous commenter said they took the gas tanks out. I decided to swing by there again today and saw that they nicely cleaned up the place. The only sign of the gas station canopy/islands is some gravel. The building is all boarded up and no one was around working on it. Plus, the fence around the lot doesn't look temporary. the posts are sunk into the ground, not on cinder blocks. They even dug holes in the driveway and put fence posts there. Renovation seems increasingly unlikely, I wonder what will happen to it.

Update 4/15: Twitter user ixCat says: "According to my sources, a (high rise) office building is going up there" Thanks for the info.

[where: 7340 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD]

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