Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Price's Pimiento Cheese

I seem to recall that as a child, I liked pimiento cheese. we'd get it in a little jar (4oz or 6oz, I can't remember) and I'd spread it thinly on some bread. I recently got some more, first time I have had it in a long, long time. This version is different from what I had as a kid, it is a bit creamier and it has chunks of cheddar cheese in it. It has a good pimiento flavor, but you can't really taste the cheddar in it. I have decided that I no longer like pimiento cheese. I don't really think that it is the fault of this product, just my tastes have changed.

This round container has a couple of marketing slogans on it that are the type that annoy/worry me. First, the ever popular "New Look, Same Great Taste". Great, a big sign that says "nothing to see here, move along". Second, "Made with REAL CHEESE". Really? you mean your Pimiento Cheese is made with cheese? how novel. Wait a minute, I don't see a little badge that says "Made with REAL PIMIENTO", did you fake that part?

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