Monday, October 31, 2022

Amalyn Housing Development update


I have been tracking the Amalyn housing development in Bethesda since the very beginning. This development is in the 75 acre field that used to be the home of the WMAL radio transmitter towers.  Since my last update in May they have been preparing the site on the east side of the project, between Derbyshire Ln and Renita Ln.  Now they have started building houses in that area. The first two are in progress.

Here is another view of those two houses, notice how there isn't much around them.  You can see they have also started laying out the roads in this area. It may not look like much, but before they get to this point they have already put in all the water and sewer pipes. You can see a red fire hydrant in the middle of the picture.  The road going left to right is Silver Linden Street. (Derbyshire is directly behind the camera and Renita is way in the distance in the middle).

Here's another section of newly laid out road. They recently seeded the area directly in front of the camera.  Renita Lane is top right, the houses in the distance are on Corkran. I believe the road in this picture will be named Isabella Street.

Back in the main section there is a lot to see. On the right, with the light and dark gray side is the first row of townhouses they built. To the left of that is the second row.  Far left is a house still under construction and far right is another row of townhouses being built.

I think this is Glasswing Alley. Some of the roads have a layer of blacktop on them. They are in the process of building a house on the left.

There are still bits and pieces left from the WMAL radio transmitter site. The three concrete piers that held one of the radio towers remain on their side. They have sat here unmoved all summer.

The various bits of concrete that have been dug up are piled in a pit. It is mostly concrete that fence posts were set in, but there are also some that the smaller transmitters were mounted on.

The last remaining radio transmitter building had open doors.  There used to be one of these at the base of each radio tower.

There isn't much to see here, a  few bags of trash and an old rack for rack-mount computers. It is a bit disappointing.

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