Sunday, October 16, 2022

8015 Old Georgetown construction


Old Georgetown Road on the left, Glenbrook Road int he foreground, and B-CC rescue squad behind it.

Today has been a really nice fall day and I decided to walk around Bethesda, MD checking up on some of the construction projects that are going on.  Here's the first one I looked at, the 8015 Old Georgetown Rd development (pdf link to the planning board submission).  This is the site of the old Christ Lutheran Church, it is being replaced with about 297 apartments.

From this perspective it basically looks like a hole in the ground, you can't see what they have accomplished very well.

The view from the Northwest

The North-west corner of the site.  From here you can see they have put in a retaining wall on the left side and are digging out the basement.

Excavation, Old Georgetown road on the right

It isn't obvious at first, but they actually have done a lot of grading to the site.  In the center you can see about a 15 foot tall pile of dirt. That wasn't built up there, that is what remains of the original ground. They removed everything around it, leaving just a small pile holding up a utility pole.

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