Sunday, October 16, 2022

4915 Auburn construction

 Another hole in the ground. This is the site of the 4915 Auburn Avenue development (link to pdf of site plan). it will have 180 dwelling units and 12,500 square feet of "non-residential use".  The site was previously occupied by the Auburn Professional Building. You can see an existing building to the left, a small retail building on the corner of Auburn and Woodmont to the right, and housing directly behind the site.  This is a project of Potomac Development Group, it looks like they are calling it 4909 Auburn Avenue Apartments.

Top down view of the 4915 Auburn Ave construction


Looking almost directly down, you can mostly see the hole which encompasses the full site except a narrow strip on the far edge of the property. Surrounding the crane is some new concrete.

Construction entrance

The construction entrance for the 4915 Auburn Avenue development is actually on Woodmont Ave. You can see Imagination Stage and the parking garage behind the construction.

Auburn Ave and surroundings

Auburn Avenue as seen from the top of the parking deck. the development directly below and to the left, Battery Lane Park is somewhat visible behind the crane with the building containing the Primrose School next to it. In the middle is the Sherwin-Williams Paints store with Brightview Woodmont directly behind it. On the right side is the parking garage and Gallery Bethesda towering above everything else.

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