Sunday, February 13, 2022

Paving Greyswood Rd in the Amalyn development

 Work on the new houses of the Amalyn development continues.  Just this past week they have paved the base layer of asphalt on the extension of Greyswood Road to Greentree Road.  The new portion of road is still blocked off.

This is where Greentree road used to end, with an entrance to some townhouses to the left.  Now it is paved all the way to Greyswood Rd, but the road is closed to traffic.  Toll Brothers intends to keep the road closed here until after new traffic calming structures on the existing Greyswood Rd are complete, which will probably be this summer.


The new portion of Greyswood Road in the Amalyn development. It has had a first layer of pavement put down. It is narrower than I expected.

Greyswood Road used to end right where the orange barrier is. Now it has been paved all the way to Greentree Road through the Amalyn development.

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