Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watch for Potholes

The last set of snowstorms has left behind potholes, especially along Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, MD. I saw one Northbound at the Caribou Coffee and another Northbound at Arlington Road. The picture is of a car driving through the latter. There was also one southbound at Del Ray Avenue. Wisconsin Avenue looked better, I didn't see any on the short stretch I walked along.

Both the county and the state have web sites where you can submit pothole sightings. For state roads (like Old Georgetown Road, MD-187 and Wisconsin Ave, MD-355) you can use this form. Use the topic "Potholes / Holes / Sinkholes" You can remain anonymous if you wish, or fill in your contact info if you want them to contact you. For county roads, use this form. It is specific to potholes and you must provide contact info (boo).

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