Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today's Weather

I think there might have been snow today. It is hard to tell how much, somewhere between a quarter of an inch and twelve inches, depending on how the wind was blowing. It was super windy and I had trouble telling how much of the snow was new and how much was just getting blown around and around. This was a win for the weather, the whole area pretty much gave up today, no metrobus, no Ride-On bus, no trash pickup, schools closed for the rest of the week. The upshot of this was the roads were pretty empty and the plows could get some real work done. It will still be messy in the morning but there shouldn't be deep snow on the roads.

Here are some pictures from a walk I took around 4:30-5:30 today in Bethesda, MD.

Old Georgetown Road near Democracy Blvd 5:10pm. Not much traffic on this snow covered road.

Intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Democracy Blvd 5:10pm. It has been plowed several times but there is still lots of loose snow around.

It will take a while to dig out this bus shelter near Davis Library in Bethesda 5:15pm.

Sometimes you really have to bring out the heavy equipment to clear the snow. This front end loader has had it's bucket replaced with a plow 5:25pm.

Bethesda warm springs 5:30pm. A water main break bubbles water up through the ground.

A walk down a quiet road 5:35pm

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