Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A change of traffic lights

I noticed on Monday that they changed this traffic light at Arlington Road and Montgomery Lane by the library in Bethesda, MD. It used to be flashing red until the walk light came on, then it would go to solid red, now it is a standard traffic light with green/yellow/red.

There are a few other odd elements to this picture (besides the jaywalking man). The "no turn on red" sign is most interesting. Before, it made sense, when the light was red, there were people crossing the street, when it was flashing red you had to look for traffic on Arlington Rd before turning. Now, when the light would have been flashing red it is solid red, so you can't turn, even though it is no more dangerous then a couple of weeks ago. You also get the green at the same time the walk sign comes on so you compete with the walkers, an activity that was not safe a couple of weeks ago. I checked and the walk signal only comes on if you press the walk button.

Here's another odd thing, on the right is a yellow "No Outlet" sign. Google maps shows that the very end of Montgomery Ln near Woodmont Ave is one way, I also dug up a picture I took a while ago and I can see the corner of the "Do Not Enter" sign across from the apartment building at the end. I'd never noticed that before, but it is true.

Update September 22: Good News! They took down the "No right turn on red" sign.

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