Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bethesda Safeway expansion plans

Last Thursday the planning board reviewed site plan 820090170, which is a fancy way of saying that the Safeway store on the corner of Bradley Blvd and Arlington Rd is scheduled for re-development. I saw it on the planning board's agenda with a "recommended for approval with conditions" but without the "approved" note so I'm a little hazy about what happened (anyone out there have a better idea of what this means, was it just a review or did they not get to it?)

The plan is to increase the size of the store from 25,568 square feet to 43,097 square feet. The one store store will become two stories with a parking structure on the ground floor and the actual store above it. Most of the existing parking lot will become part of the store.

In keeping with the Bethesda Streetscape plan there will be public art, brick sidewalks, and a bike station with covered bike parking, a drinking fountain, and an air pump. The developers will also provide a contribution to add art work to the concrete retaining wall across the street.

You can see the site plan if you want more information.

I realize this is on the other side of Bradley Blvd so really it is Chevy Chase, but I like to be inclusive now and then.

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