Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feed the meters, Help the homeless?

The Washington Post has a story about the new meters appearing in Bethesda. They are old parking meters but they aren't for parking. They are for donating to Bethesda Cares, an organization dedicated to reducing homelessness in Bethesda, MD. There are four of these meters spread throughout downtown. The goal of these meters is more to raise awareness than to collect money. According to Sue Kirk, the director of Bethesda Cares "With these meters, I mean, we're literally talking about pocket change, but we're already seeing people doing double takes as they pass by. As people start to notice, we're hoping it will do a lot of good."

I was a bit disappointed they took off the thing you spin and the time dial, I'd like to be able to put money in and have the time remaining go up. If your bored one day, you could try and find all four and put a quarter in each.


  1. Guess they want to make use of the meters they are pulling out of DC (in favor of a single stand which you have to walk to and then back to your car to place the receipt in).

    They can take some of the zillions of dollars Ike and the gang are racking up from the speed cameras and give some to the homeless from that! Not one penny from me!

  2. Larry, I sense that you may be opposed to Maryland's speed cameras. There is a group trying to change how they are used around here at MDScamera They say they are for repeal but the petion looks like it is trying to restrict their use, not totally eliminate it.

  3. Larry, I sense that you may be opposed to Maryland's speed cameras.Yes, we already signed the petition. I'm not opposed to safety but am opposed to the slippery slope of eroding civil liberties we seem to be on.

    Bethesda and the surrounding area are make great strides on improving our community but I believe our county (and state) is making a big mistake by pursuing revenue in the name of safety.