Friday, May 15, 2009

Conspiracy Theory of the Week: Bethesda Chemtrails

Most conspiracy theories have, at their base, a tiny nugget of truth in them then loads of speculation or pure fiction. Sometimes they even involve NIH, but rarely do they relate to other parts of Bethesda, MD. Earlier this week I blogged about the storm of stuff coming from the hotel construction on Waverly St. There were actually quite a few news articles about it, all seemingly sourced from the same Washington Post article that I saw.

This blog post however, takes the cake, calling it a "mysterious substance raining on Bethesda, MD" full of scary conspiracy theory stuff like "Local officials say they’ve traced the source of the material to a nearby construction site, but not everyone believes this answer." and "Chemtrail conspiracy theorists think they [NIH] could be conducting a new experiment on the people right outside their gates."

Anyway, I find it somewhat funny. Especially since I walked by there and there is quite a bit of little styrofoam balls blowing around in the breeze. When all the facts point to it coming from the construction site, I wouldn't be too hasty to dismiss the obvious answer.

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