Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Crossfire Grill: Burgers and fries

Start with the french fries: you can get them either plain or with garlic seasoning (I like the plain best) You can also get sweet potato fries which are a nice change of pace. The regular size is really big, probably two potatos worth,I have no idea how big the large is. The fries are good, they still have the skin on and are cooked in peanut oil.

Now for the burgers. I always get the hamburger, because there are so many french fries that I have trouble finishing them, so no need to get a more feature rich burger. You get your choice of toppings (all included in the price): mayo, katchup, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, relish, onion, green pepper, fried onion, sauteed mushroom, hot sauce, BBQ sauce. other burgers they have are the Bleu cheesburger, the bacon heeseburger, the double cheeseburger, and various combinations of the above. They also sell hot dogs which are good too. They also sell beer and wine by the bottle and soft drinks (free refills, but fairly expensive at $1.79) I have never been to "5 guys burgers and fries" but from what I have heard, it compares favorably, with some people giving the nod to crossfire, and others preferring 5-guys. Crossfire is located on Edgemoor LN, at Old Georgetown Rd, right next to Chipotle's in Bethesda, MD

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