Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Fixed! Lane markings on Fernwood Rd


Last Friday I posted about "Confusing lane markings on Fernwood Road" (at the intersection with Democracy Blvd). After I did, I posted about it on Mastodon (A Twitter/X alternative)  and tagged Montgomery County Department of Transportation. They responded and said they'd look into it.

 Last night I drove by and noticed someone had spray-painted a left-turn only lane in the middle lane and put black paint over a right-turn only one.  I have no idea if it was MCDOT or a local resident.

 Today, however, I got some really good news.  the MCDOT mastadon account replied to me and told me that the traffic operations team had corrected it!  The arrows on the traffic lights match the pavement markings

This is great in so many ways, let me just list a few of them

  • when alerted to a safety issue they quickly corrected it
  • They make it easy for residents to contact them
  • They are listening to feedback from residents
  • They are using Mastodon, an open-source, federated twitter/X like services that isn't controlled by any single corporation.  I've been using it in preference to Twitter for a while now and when I put up a new post here I announce it on Mastodon before announcing it on Twitter (and sometimes I only announce it on Mastodon).

Go MC-DOT! Go Montgomery County! Go Mastodon!


 You can see the hand-painted left turn only arrow as well as the new, more professional left turn only arrow.  If you zoom in you can kind of see where they removed the old one.

The new right turn only arrow in the right lane and the new left turn arrow in the middle lane. In the left lane you can see the long-existing left turn only arrow.






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