Thursday, November 9, 2023

Confusing lane markings on Fernwood Road


Northbound on Fernwood Rd at the intersection of Democracy Blvd there are some very confusing lane markings.  This area is in the process of being upgraded so hopefully this will get cleared up soon.  Can you see the cause of the confusion? Let's examine it a bit more closely.

Here are the lane markings. You can see, the left lane is left turn only and the middle lane is marked as right turn only. (Not shown is the right lane, which doesn't have any markings about it being an right turn only lane at all).


Here are the traffic lights at the intersection, The left lane and the middle lane are left turn only and the right lane is right turn only.  This contradicts the markings on the road which says the middle lane is right turn only.

As a result, no one knows what to do and generally isn't using the middle lane. That's too bad because one of the goals of this intersection reconstruction is to make traffic flow faster by having two left turn lanes where there had only been one.

I have posted about this intersection before. I also posted before the intersection improvements started which you can look at if you want to see what it used to look like.







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