Monday, September 7, 2009

Elm Street Park finally finished

After having large portions closed for all of the spring and the summer, all areas of Elm Street Park in Bethesda, MD are fully opened.

They closed it this spring to do some major refurbishment which included re-doing the walkways and installing new lights. Just two weeks ago I was wondering when it would reopen.

The picnic tables are tastefully scattered around the park, the benches are nice and new, the landscaping is finished. There are also separate trash and glass/aluminum recycling bins. Some of the newly planted bushes and trees didn't survive the summer and the grass needs to be mowed. They put new grass seed down along the paths and in several other spots and that is coming up nicely. The other areas though are mostly crabgrass. The sign at the entrance to the park is also not back in place.

Note that the playground area has been open the whole time and has not been upgraded.

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