Friday, September 11, 2009

Get ready for repaving Old Georgetown Road

Some of the stimulus money is making it's way to Montgomery County. I saw this sign on Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, MD. It says "Putting America To Work", "American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Resurfacing MD-187" The sign just went up yesterday and I am not sure when it will start, but it should be soon.

I sense a little bit of propaganda at work here, they really want you to know who is doing it. I think they went a bit over the top with it, number of words on sign: 12, number of words that tell you want is going to happen: 2. I also like the blue sign at the bottom which is blank except for the logo, I guess they couldn't decide on what to write there.

As an aside, walking two blocks in the rain to get the picture wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. It was really raining hard.

Update Sept 21: The sign is still there but it has been covered over with black cloth. I guess they are going to uncover it when they are ready to start the repaving.

Update Sept 22: here's the covered sign.

Update October 7: The sign is back to being uncovered and I saw them putting construction barrels along the southbound side of Old Georgetown Rd. There is also a second little blue sign that says "Martin O'Malley, Govenor"


  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I didn't see that sign yesterday and I drove past BCC Rescue Squad. Did see other "Road Work Ahead" signs in my neighborhood though.

  2. I noticed the sign when it went up. I sort of smirked when I thought about how "overt" the county was being to let everyone know where the funds were coming from. Do you think it was a condition of the funding to have the sign?

    Very selfishly, I am hoping it does not impact traffic for a home I am trying to sell on Old Georgetown Road near Huntington Parkway. Does anyone know how far down the road is being paved? All the way to Wisconsin?

  3. According to this site - - $2.6 million of stimulus funds were allocated to MD 187 from south of Center Dr. to N. Brook Lane.

    Here is a description of the project from the MD SHA.

    This project, located in Montgomery County, is for resurfacing and safety improvements on MD 187, from 150' South of Center Dr. to North Brook La. The total project length is 0.84 miles. The work will consist of patching, grinding and resurfacing the pavement, minor
    excavation, replacing inlets, clean pipes, upgrade existing ramps to meet current ADA standards, replacement of deteriorated curb, gutter and sidewalk, and the replacement of existing pavement markings.

    The traffic signal portion of the project will include replacing traffic loops and micro-loops. On Lincoln St. it will include the reconstruction of signals to install APS/CPS and LED signal heads. On McKinley St. it will include the reconstruction of three signalized crossings to install APS/CPS, LED signal heads and video detection. It also includes raising an overhead utility line to provide adequate clearance above the new LED signal heads. On Huntington Pkwy., it will include the reconstruction of two signalized
    crossings to install APS/CPS and LED signal heads.

  4. Thanks. I had looked at and hadn't found anything. Given your post I was able to search and find it on the mdsha site, but I don't think I could have found it without your help.