Friday, January 30, 2009

The Metrobus Q2 (Veirs Mill Road line) is being studied

The Q2 is one of the most used lines in the Metrobus system with 10,200 passengers a day. They are looking for ways to improve service and will be having a public meeting on Thursday, February 5 at the Holiday Park Senior Center, 3905 Ferrara Drive, Silver Spring, MD. The open house will begin at 6:30 pm, followed by a presentation at 7:00 pm.

They also are conducting a ridership survey. They did it on the bus on Dec 17, but you can fill it out online too. If you ride the Q2 go fill it out.

When I was younger I rode the Q2 every day. It took a long time and traffic was slow, but it was faster (and much cheaper) than taking the red line from Shady Grove to Silver Spring. I looked at the comments people wrote on the survey and it looks like things are worse than when I rode it. Overcrowded to the point that the bus drivers can't always pick up passengers, no buses for a while then two or three right in a row, still only rarely have the extra long buses.

[where: Shady Grove, MD]
[where: Rockville, MD]
[where: Wheaton, MD]
[where: Silver Spring, MD]

(from the gazette)

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