Saturday, May 12, 2007

Doritos: Smokin' Cheddar BBQ

Another bold flavor of Doritos Tortilla Chips. These chips have a strong smokey flavor, a little spiciness and cheese flavor. Unlike most chips with BBQ flavor, these were not sweet, that is a major plus. That, plus the smoke flavor make these chips a winner. I like them and will get them again. (150 calories; 7g fat; 16g carbs; 2g protein; 8% sodium; per 1 ounce serving)


  1. I agree, these chips are a decadent delight. The contest just ended . . . .

  2. It is now July 16, 2008....and I have not seen Smokin' Cheddare BBQ flavor in any store, for a very longtime. Does anyone know if it is still available anywhere??? I though this flavor won that contest??