Saturday, February 22, 2020

Construction starting at the WMAL field

For the past 5 years Toll Brothers has been planning on redeveloping the WMAL transmitter field located at 7115 Greentree Rd in Bethesda, MD.  They have developed the plans and gotten the approvals, but there hasn't been much in the line of changes on the ground.

This week there have been changes.  They have fenced off most of the field and were actively working around one of the radio towers when I was there.

The field has long had a path running long the edge making a large 1.25 mile circuit that is popular with runners and dog walkers.  The fence impacts this path in a number of places.  From Greentree Road around to Derbyshire lane there are on or two short stretches where you have a narrow spot between the fence and the brush, but these are easily navigated.

From Derbyshre to Renita Lane the fence is far from the path and doesn't cause any problems.

 However, getting from Greentree road to Renita Lane along the I-495 side of the field requires being a bit more adventurous.  The fence is very close to the brush for the whole length.

  While I was there I did see a local resident trimming back some tree branches, so this route may get easier over the next week or two.

What's next?  Before construction starts in earnest, those radio towers need to come down.  They stopped being used on May 1, 2018 so that is not an impediment.  It looks like that is what they are working on and they could come down very soon.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Fixing up the playground at Stratton Park

 Part of the playground at Stratton Park in Bethesda, MD is closed off for improvements.  This closure is expected to last until the summer.

 The closure only affects the swings and some of the grassy area, the remainder of the playground and the park remain open.

 The reason for this closure is to replace aging sewer pipes.  It looks like they have replaced at least some of the wooden beams that define the playground too.

Friday, January 3, 2020

The tree stump is grinning at me

I went for a hike at Great Falls earlier this year and found this tree stump smiling at me.  Or maybe it isn't really smiling, it could be blood driping down its face.  The mouth is actually a shadow cast on the stump from the short tree at the right of the picture.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Fixing the locks on the C&O Canal

The lock gates on the C and O Canal at Great Falls Tavern have been in pretty bad shape for a while.  That is changing however.  I went there today and locks 16 and 17 have been rebuilt and Lock 18 is in progress.  The towpath is closed between locks 17 and 18, but there is a temporary path on the far side of the canal, so no need to stay away.

There still isn't water in the canal because they are currently working on Lock 19.  Lots of sediment has built up in this section of the canal and it looks like they will dig that out as well.

We've had nice weather for the past week or two and I'm glad I've gotten out to enjoy it.  Hopefully you have been able to spend time outside too.