Friday, November 6, 2020

The Field of Fallen Giants (WMAL Radio tower demolition)


The towers were demolished on Wednesday the 4th and for the past couple of days I have walked around the field checking out how things are going.  This post is about the towers now that they are down on the ground.  Here are the three of towers closest to Greentree Road,  they used to stand majestically, all in a row.  Now they have been knocked down and lie in the field.

Here is the tower closest to Renita Lane, this former colossus looks like it is relaxing on the ground, having gotten tired of standing.

These two towers fell across each other and lie in the field.  In the background you can see a smaller tower that has also been knocked down.

This tower bent over as it fell.  It also took out part of the roof of the small building that was at it's base.  Three of the four towers bent like this.

Unlike the others, this one pulled away from its mounting pad as it fell, like a tree ripped up by the roots.

This machine will cut the towers into pieces.  Here they are getting it ready to go.

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