Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Cecil apartments construction update


The Cecil from the southwest

When I last posted about "The Cecil" in February the building was at full height but not all the windows were in and there was no cladding on the building. The building, on the corner of Glenbrook Rd and Old Georgetown Rd, will have 297 apartments. 

The building is close to being complete. Almost all the cladding is on, there are just a few spots on the north and southwest sides that are still being worked on.  Landscaping and paving hasn't started though.

The Cecil from the Northwest

From this angle you can see there is still a significant amount of cladding still needed on the north wall.  The road in the foreground is Old Georgetown Road, MD-187.

Sidewalk's closed

Kind of annoying, but they have closed the sidewalk in front of the building.  You now have a choice of crossing Old Georgetown twice to get past this block (which I did) or walking in the road, which is dangerous because people are sometimes going fast. I did see someone take the walk-in-the-road option while I was taking pictures.

According to the posted sign, it closed on June 17 and will stay closed through August 16. They do have a permit from the state for this closure.



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