Monday, June 24, 2024

Stormwater vault at Amalyn


Preparing the site

In the Amayln development of new houses and townhouses in Bethesda, they are installing a very large underground stormwater management vault.  After digging out the whole area and prepping the site, the actual installation is going very quickly. The vault is made up of pre-cast concrete so they can rapidly bring them in and set them down.

This is how the area looked on June 18th. The vault is going on the gravel pad that was built.

Precast sections

The individual segments of the vault look like this.  These will be moved into place and set two high.

Amalyn is a development of over 300 houses and townhouses being built on what was the 75 acre WMAL radio transmitter site. I have made numerous posts tracking it's progress over the past few years.

Building the vault

Here are the ones in place as of Friday night.  It doesn't look like there is any way for water from the vault to infiltrate the ground and recharge the aquifer.

The vault from another angle

You can see there is quite a lot of volume in this vault. It is also surprisingly close to the surface.  I expected it would be deeper so they could plant trees on it, but it looks like it will only be a couple of feet below ground.



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