Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sophia Bethesda construction update


 Sophia Bethesda from St. Elmo Avenue near Old Georgetown Rd.

Sophia Bethesda apartments seems like it has been under construction forever. And it has been a long time. I first posted about it when it was called St. Elmo Apartments back in 2022, at that time they had already dug the hole for the foundation. More recently, I gave an update in January after their name change to "Sophia Bethesda".

The building is right next to Bistro Provence

The Sophia Bethesda website is sparse, but they do say that apartments will be renting this fall. The Duball website has more details. When it is done there will be 276 apartments along with a small amount of retail (including outdoor dining areas).

The view of the top

This building fronts both Fairmont Avenue and St. Elmo Avenue. The street address is on St. Elmo but it is easier to get photos from Fairmont since I can get a good view from a parking garage.

The bottom floors look pretty much done, but there is still a lot of work going on near the top floors of the building.

Ground level on Fairmont Ave

 Lots of construction is going on at ground level.


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