Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Rae apartments: construction update

 I last looked at The Rae Apartments in in October and there has been some noticeable changes since then. The building cladding is now installed. It is a mixture of white, gray, and woodgrain panels.  The Rae is a new apartment building on the corner of Westlake Terrace and Motor City Drive, right next to Montgomery Mall.

The Rae will have 343 apartment units and it backs up to the I-270 spur. The website doesn't have much information on it so I don't know when leasing will start.  Here is the main entrance to the building. Right across the street is the transit center at Montgomery Mall and across the other street (Motor City Dr.) is Home Depot, visible in the background of the photo.

Here's the view from Westlake Terrace looking west. Montgomery Mall is on the left, Home Depot in the background to the right, and the Rae directly to the right.

The back part of the Rae apartments facing Westlake Terrace. To the right is the I-270 Spur. The most notable change here is the ground floor units have had their entrances and porches installed.

Another recent change is that new curbs have been installed on Motor City Drive adjacent to the building.

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  1. Not the most pleasant place to live, unless you enjoy rooftop views of the Home Depot.