Saturday, February 25, 2023

Old Marriott HQ fencing

It looks like they are starting to move forward on ELP Bethesda at Rock Spring.  The property, located at 10400 Fernwood Road, was formerly the site of the Marriott Headquarters. Marriott has moved to downtown Bethesda and sold this site. Construction fencing has been installed around the property limiting access to the site.  Here is the entrance to the old headquarters building, blocked by a fence with black fabric on it.

The first phase of the new development will be senior housing with over 500 units in two buildings. Later phases will add more. The Montgomery Planning staff report for site plan 820210190 has more information.

The southern entrance has a gate across it. When I went by the gate was open.  The bike parking is behind the fence and thus inaccessible.  Access to Democracy Plaza is not impacted.

The north entrance off of Fernwood Road, you can still pull in this area and go to the construction trailer, but there is a gate across the road further down.

The fence carefully goes around the bus stop, leaving it accessible.


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