Monday, February 6, 2023

Fountains of Amalyn

 On Sunday, there was a large jet of water spraying into the air at the Amalyn housing development construction site off of Greentree Road in Bethesda, MD. The water was shooting up 30 feet (or more).

It looks like this isn't a permanent neighborhood water feature, by this morning the water was turned off.

 There is a pipe that sticks up about two feet above ground that the water was coming out of.  The large concrete monolith is one of the footings from the WMAL radio transmitter towers that once were at this site.  Most of the concrete had been buried underground but they have been dug up to allow for development.

 After spraying into the air, the water makes its way to this retention pond on Greentree road. The water then drains under the road to a discharge point that was just upgraded last year.



 The fountain was a little ways away from where they are actively building houses right now. On the left is the nearest house being built and on the right is the spraying water.

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