Thursday, July 16, 2020

Go Visit: Seneca Creek Greenway Trail at MD-28

The Seneca Creek Greenway trail runs for 16.2 miles alongside Seneca Creek in Montgomery County, MD.  There are a number of places to access this trail and I went to the one on MD-28, Darnestown Rd.  I walked west, towards the Potomac River, which is a bit over 6 miles away.

The entrance to the parking lot is easy to miss. As you are going west on 28, it is on the right, just before the bridge over Seneca Creek.  It is a gravel parking lot that will fill up on weekends, but even when it is full, there aren't many people on the trail.  At the far end of the lot is an information sign and the entrance to the Seneca Creek Greenway trail towards the Potomac River.  At the other end of the lot is the trail going towards Black Rock Mill.

After a quick walk down a gravel path, then a little bit of old MD-28, the trail goes off to the left, under the bridge.

There are a number of places you can access the creek from the Seneca Creek Greenway trail.  Here there is a wide gravel bank alongside the water.

The trail is mostly flat, not a lot of hills so it is an easy and relaxing walk.  There are blue trail marker that say "Seneca Greenway Trail" so you don't need to worry about getting lost. The trail is natural surface and goes through a mix of grassy areas, older trees, and some young trees.

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