Monday, July 26, 2010

Now that's a storm

Yesterday's storm was super impressive. I was up in Gaithersburg and watched it out a store window. There were times I couldn't see the cars in the parking lot it was raining so hard. I heard last night that wind gusts were above 60 mph. Lots of trees were knocked down across area roads and this morning Pepco was still reporting 180,000 people without power. Power was out at the Potomac water pumping station forcing mandatory water restrictions this morning.

This morning, most of the lights on Old Georgetown Road were dark. Traffic was lighter than normal so things were still moving, just slowly. The core of Downtown Bethesda, MD does have power, traffic lights working, buildings open, etc. Going to work might be a good way to cool off during the heat of the day. One of my co-workers reports that some of the houses on the east side of MD-355 don't have power so if you work in that area you might want to check before coming in.

The first two pictures are from Fernwood Road near Democracy Blvd. A large tree by the side of the road uprooted, taking the grass with it. It fell away from the road and broke another large tree.

Two trees at Davis Library fell down. It doesn't look like they were in great shape to begin with.


  1. I drove by the tree on Fernwood near Democracy Blvd and wished I had a camera. It looked even more impressive from the road side, looking at the bottom of the tree roots! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. I saw the one on Fernwood nr Democracy too -- on my way to the mall on Monday to cool down. Amalah ( blogged about it too.