Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You can now recycle more stuff!

As of September 21st, Montgomery County, MD is accepting additional items for recycling.

In the blue "comingled materials" bin you can now recycle Tupperware, Rubbermaid, or Vorporware(*) containers as well as non-hazardous, empty aerosol containers (such as whipped cream and hair spray cans).

On the paper front, you can now recycle:
  • Milk and juice cartons (remove plastic caps from milk and juice cartons)
  • Frozen food boxes (frozen vegetables and meals)
  • Cardboard ice cream containers and lids
  • Paper coffee and beverage cups
  • Fruit and produce boxes (wax-coated)
  • Juice and drink boxes
Put them in with the rest of your paper recycling.

There are a few other items which I wasn't aware you could recycle:
  • Medicine bottles (but not their tops)
  • Flower pots (but not those 6pack plant containers)
  • plastic cups like those you get from fast-food restaurants or stadiums
Just in case you weren't confused, there are also some things that you might think are recyclable but aren't
  • Anything of type 6 (styrofoam) can not be recycled, this includes cups, egg cartons and clamshell takout containers
  • Anything of type 1 that isn't a bottle can not be recycled, this includes berry containers, plastic knives,forks,spoons, packaging from small electronics.
Take a look at this list of things that can and can't be recycled in Montgomery County's comingled materials recycling.

(*) I can never remember if it was vorporware or vorpaware, imaginary bonus points if you can tell me which it is. Points too for knowing what it is a reference to.

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