Monday, December 15, 2008

Old Old Georgetown Road

If you are going north on Old Georgetown Road, just where it makes a hard right turn by the Toys R Us to get to MD-355, you can see a small road straight ahead. I've long found it odd since it doesn't connect to Old Georgetown Rd or Executive Blvd, though I vaguely recall it used to. There also doesn't seem to be much of anything on the road. So, I've long wondered, why is it there?

Over the weekend, I ran across an image on wikimedia commons then things started to make sense. A long time ago (when I don't know) Old Georgetown Rd went straight there, connecting to Rockville Pike above Montrose Road.

I was at the Toys R Us this weekend, in a futile attempt to find a Wii Fit so I decided to walk around back there and sure enough, the road is officially called "Old Old Georgetown Rd" Although the old signs (like at Montrose road) just give the old name, "Old Georgetown Rd".

[where: Rockville, MD]


  1. In the last few weeks they have renamed this "Hoya St". Old Old Georgetown road is no more.

  2. I am responsible for getting Old Old Georgetown Road changed to Hoya Street. I used to work at the FDA Parklawn Building and would drive past Old Old Georgetown Road every morning. I didn't come up with Hoya Street, but I did suggest that there's got to be a better name than Old Old Georgetown Road.