Monday, September 10, 2007

Lean Cuisine: Meat Loaf with gravy and whipped potatoes

One of Stouffer's comfort Classics microwave meals. Tender, meatloaf in brown gravy with whipped potatoes. The meat is well textured and has a nice, light flavor. The gravy tastes like you would expect store bought gravy to taste, nothing outstanding, but fairly reasonable. The whipped potatoes taste a little creamy and very much like potatoes. I have a couple of complaints though. First, I cooked it at the bottom range of the cooking time (a fairly long 6 minutes) and it still came out a little overcooked and dry. Second, Potatoes always go better with gravy and there wasn't enough gravy for both the meatloaf and the potoatoes. Overall, it was ok, but I liked the Healthy Choice meat loaf better. (250 calories; 7g fat; 26g carbs; 21g protein; 24% sodium; 5 weight watchers points)

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