Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lean Cuisine: Chicken Parmesan

One of Stouffers Comfort Classics microwave meals. Roasted chicken breast with spaghetti and tomato basil sauce. Even though I followed the annoying directions (cook at 50% power for 8 to 9 minutes) and cooked to the low end of time, it still came out overcooked. The tomato sauce was very good, catching the fresh tomato flavor without tasting like tomato paste or being too runny. The spagetti, stuck together, but still tasted pretty good with the sauce. The picture on the box shows chunks of squash on the spagetti, but that was a disappointment, there were only 3 segments of squash, which when combined added up to less than one slice. The chicken had both sauce and melted cheese on it, which was good, but I think due to the overcooking was too hard on the edges, so I don't think it is fair to rate it. Overall, this dish has some promise, but who wants to cook a microwave entree for 8 minutes only to have it still not come out right. They need to go back and come up with full power instructions that take less time and are less error prone. (260 calories; 5g fat; 31g carbs; 23g protein; 24% sodium; 5 weight watchers points)

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