Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bradford: Orange Slices

Orange colored slices of some sort of gelatin like substance by Bradford Fine Candies. Not quite as thick as gummy bears. These slices have sugar crystals on them. This stuff is pretty much pure sugar, with a little food color and a somewhat unidentifiable flavor to them. The first ingredient is sugar, followed by corn starch. It is sometimes nice to grab one as you walk by the bag, but you can easily overdose on them. Each small sice is about 40 calories.

Interestingly enough, they try to make them sound at least somewhat healthy, claiming its a "Fat Free Food", and trumpet that they are "made with real fruit juice" though it is pear juice, not orange juice, and they don't put enough of it in to even bother telling you what percent juice this is. Good if you like sugar, otherwise, not so much (160 calories; 0g fat; 39g carbs; 0g protein; 0% sodium per 4 pieces)

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