Sunday, September 16, 2007

Balducci's Stores: Rotisserie Chicken

The good thing about buying a whole rotisserie chicken at the food store is that it is hot and ready to eat. I generally like them, and Balducci's version is a notch above other stores. They put herbs and spices under the skin of the chicken before cooking it. This imparts a wonderful flavor to the chicken. The chicken itself was moist and very tender. The skin was browned perfectly. I have gotten them at other stores and sometimes the wings are dried out and inedible, but not this chicken, the wings were good too. Balducci's has locations on the east coast. I went to the one in Bethesda, MD.


  1. I totally agree. I asked my local store about it once and they told me they use FreeBird chickens. They're the kind that are all antibiotic free and stuff...raised naturally. I think you can buy them uncooked too, but you have to ask for them by name.

  2. I asked the guy at the Westport, CT store and he said the same thing. They use a chicken from FreeBird. I checked the website, and it seems that they are totally antibiotic free. It is nice to know that a store like Balducci's cares enough to offer that kind of product. I agree with you, they taste friggin awesome! My kids eat it and they are pretty picky about their food.