Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Odwalla Bar: Superfood

The first thing I noticed about this energy bar is that it is green.
It is a soft and chewy food made with organic rolled oats, date puree, rasins,
and grape juice conentrate. That is what gives it the fruity sweet flavor.
If you've never had an odwalla bar, it is similar to a Cliff bar but
chewier, and I think, much better tasting than a power bar.
Its claim to being a super food comes from it having Spirulina, a type
of cyanobacteria with high amounts of protien and lots of essential amino
acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Overall this is good, and if you think spirulina is a good dietary supplement,
then this is a good way to get it. I like some of the other odwalla food
bars better. (230 calories; 4g fat; 43g carbs; 4g protein; 5% sodium; per
2.2 ounce bar)


  1. why is it green? no ingredients are green. possible interaction of yellow and blue?

  2. I first looked at the bar and honestly thought it looked like dirt... weird grassy dirt. I was cautious to taste it but when I did... Mmmm! So good! After continually eating it, it got a little sweet- from the date puree, I must say. But over all, super good, and in my opinion, as so many have said, no after taste, and I would definitely recommend! 4/5 Stars:)