Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Odwalla Bar: Cranberry C Monster

Odwalla food bar with 250% of you daily Vitamin C requirements. This is a soft, somewhat chewy energy bar, Mainly organic rolled oats with lots of cranberries in them. You get a single bar in the package and it is one serving. The bar itself as a little sweetness, but not very much and they didn't oversweeten the cranberries at all. You can taste the cranberry in every bite. and the cranberries have the tart, slightly acidic flavor that real cranberries have. If you have never had an odwalla bar, then it is something like a Cliff bar, but a little softer and much different from a power bar. Lots of calories, lots of carbs. I like this flavor, but if you don't like cranberries you probably wont. (220 calories; 3g fat; 44g carbss; 4g protein; 3% sodium; per 2.2 ounce bar)

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