Friday, August 17, 2007

Almond Joy

Sometimes you feel like a nut. Almond Joy Candy bars are a hunk of gooey shredded coconut with an almond on top, covered with chocolate. Why is it gooey? who knows, probably sugar syrup of some kind. They are sweet, and very coconutty. The chocolate adds a little flavor, but there really isn't that much chocolate so it doesn't overpower anything. Then there is the almond, I really don't think it adds much. Most bites don't have any almond in them and even the ones that do, all you get is a hard crunch, you can't taste the almond over the other flavors. If you would rather not have the mostly superfluous almond, you could get a Mounds Bar instead, it is the same candy bar, sans the almond. If you really like sweet coconut give this a try, but don't get it expecting lots of chocolate or almonds.

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