Saturday, July 7, 2007

Snyders: Cheddar Chees Pretzel Pieces

Chunks of hard sourdough pretzels coated with a slightly oily Cheddar cheese powder. After you eat a bunch of these, the cheese starts building up on your fingers and you have to stop and lick them clean. The pretzel chunks have lots of crunch without being too hard. The cheese is about the same as every other cheese flavored snack, which is to say pretty good, but not quite like a slice of cheese. The are only moderately addictive, I managed to stop myself from finishing the whole bag in one sitting, but I went through over half of it. The cheese isn't as overwhelming as some of the other Snyders flavors, so you get a bit more pretzelness out of the snack, which is great if you really like pretzels. (130 calories; 6g fat; 18g carbs; 2g protein; 11% sodium)

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