Saturday, July 21, 2007

GE 5.8GHz Edge Cordless phone with digital answering system

From looking at the box, you'd think this is the perfect cordless phone. Features include:Two handsets, Callwaiting caller id, digital answering system, digital message counter, handset speakerphone, visual ring indicator, expandable to 4 handsets; do not disturb, vip ringtons, 40 name and number caller id, 10 number memory, and hearing aid compatible. Plus, it was 50 bucks at Home Depot.

I picked it up a few weeks ago and have been very disappointed in it. The voice quality is pretty bad. I get lots of static while talking, and the microphone doesn't pick up my voice very well so callers have trouble hearing me. I think that even though they make a big deal about it having a digital answering system, the cordless phone part is analog. I'm suprised they make phones like that.

Not everything was bad, it is nice being able to check your messages from the handset, and of course, multiple handsets are a must, but other than that, this phone is a looser and I am taking it back.


  1. this phone does suck and picks up microwave oven electrical disturbance when its being used and your talking

  2. I've been VERY disappointed with the voice quality of this phone. I'm looking for a new phone although I've only had this one a few months!